Tasty Tuna Wraps

These wraps are easy to prepare and have few ingredients. They are great for anyone who prefers a paleo diet, but can be prepared a variety of way for those who do not.


Serves 2
2 paleo wraps– May substitute whole wheat wraps, gluten free tortillas or even lettuce leaf
3/4 C classic coleslaw- not pre-made with mayo, just veggies like carrots and cabbage
1 can of light chunk tuna packed in water
1 small avocado
Coconut aminos- to taste


Steam coleslaw in a skillet by turning heat to low-medium and adding a few drops of water. You may also saute using coconut oil if you prefer.
Lay out wraps side by side
Place prepared coleslaw down diagonal center of wrap, evenly divided
Drain tuna
Mix tuna so it is in pieces if not already, and lay half down on each wrap over the top of coleslaw
Slice half of avocado and place 1/2 on each wrap down diagonal
Drizzle coconut aminos to taste
Wrap and serve

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