Tasty Fall Foods that are Full of Nutrients

Summer has passed, things have cooled off and we have a whole assortment of delicious fall foods to choose from- foods that are now in season, despite the fact that they are available year round in most places. There’s nothing better than seasonal produce!

Winter Squash
Winter squash are full of beta carotene and omega-3’s, both anti-inflammatory nutrients. They help strengthen your immune system just in time for flu season. Best of all, there are numerous ways to serve these delicious winter veggies. Whether it’s in soup, cubed and roasted, or stuffed, you really can’t go wrong. Look for butternut squash, kabocha squash, acorn squash and more.

In case you don’t get enough beta carotene from winter squash, pumpkin will always be there for you. It’s orange color is a dead giveaway. However, it’s also full of vitamin A and fiber. Pumpkin soup is both warm and soothing on a cool fall day. Pumpkin puree can be used in baking, smoothies or mixed in quinoa flakes or other grains for a filling breakfast. Just be sure to look for real pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling, which is loaded with sugar.


Berries and citrus are the ultimate summer fruits, but nothing says fall like apples. Apples are full of fiber and flavor. You can enjoy everything from tart and sour, to sweet. The phytonutrients in apples are said to help regulate blood sugar and help provide bacterial balance in the digestive tract. For the most nutrition, skip the applesauce and apple cider, and enjoy whole apples as a snack with some almond butter, or even baked with cinnamon.

Cranberries probably remind you of Thanksgiving. This year, skip the canned cranberry sauce and enjoy real cranberries. Their proanthocyanidins help prevent urinary tract infections, and the amazing combination of nutrients in cranberries help protect your liver and cardiovascular system. Try your cranberries with quinoa or add them to a salad.


How are you getting your nutrients in this fall? Do you have a favorite fall fruit or veggie?

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