Stay Fit for Summer With Active Vacations

Summer is here and it’s time for festivals, celebrations and vacations. That doesn’t mean you have to lose momentum or motivation in your health and fitness journey though. Remember that you’re making changes for life, not just temporary changes that will leave you feeling miserable. That being said, it’s always great to incorporate new and exciting things into your journey; and a vacation is the perfect opportunity to do that! Here are a few suggestions for active/wellness vacations.
There are some amazing hiking opportunities throughout the US for both novice and advanced level hikers. Decide where you want to spend your time and then look for hiking tours or hikes you can do on your own. If you want amazing views with your hikes, try Canada. It’s hard to beat the scenery of our neighbor to the north, and July-August you’ll find warmer weather, amazing wildlife viewing and more. No matter where you go, remember that hiking doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it. You’ll find that some of the most beautiful resorts and lodges are surrounded by scenic hikes.
There’s a retreat for everything these days! Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica are popular destinations for yoga, meditation and surfing retreats. Invite a friend or fly solo. Challenge yourself to try something new, and don’t be afraid to fail. Retreats are nice because you’re often able to tailor your schedule to fit your own needs. If you want to skip a surf lesson and take in the sun, do just that. Reflect on your own needs and celebrate your strength.
Workshops are a great way to escape for a short amount of time. You’ll find many that are just one weekend long, but full of fun! You’ll find everything from acroyoga and circus skills to holistic nutrition. Search for things you’ve never tried before, or look for an interest that you want to take further. Search for opportunities near you, or embark on a longer journey and extend your time after the workshop.
Today’s cruises provide more and more opportunities to stay active. Try the rock climbing wall or take a dance class. Rise early to take a walk around the ship or participate in a yoga class. There are cruises dedicated to sailing, cycling, running and Zumba. Find something that sounds like fun to you and give it a whirl!
Camping might sound easy, but if you’ve ever tried to set up a tent, you know it can be a physical challenge. Camping often provides you with the chance to disconnect and get closer to nature. You can help reset your body as you remember how to rise and fall with the sun. You can bring along family games, rent canoes or kayaks, hike and make your own delicious food. You’ll start to appreciate being active and the true meaning of wellness in a whole new way.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to stay active while on vacation. There’s still scuba diving, golf, whitewater rafting and more. The most important thing to remember is that being active and healthy doesn’t mean doing the same thing every single day. Don’t stress out about breaking your usual fitness routine for vacation. You can always find a way to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle.

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