Prioritizing Time for Your Own Health

Summer is quickly coming to a close and if you have children, you’re probably getting back to the hustle and bustle that comes with school shopping, activities and more. You may find the time you had to focus on fitness over the summer to be dwindling. Don’t let that stop you from leading the lifestyle you want. With some planning, you can stay on track.


Don’t feel guilty
You were a human before you were Mom or Dad, and you have needs too. You will be a happier and more effective parent if you decide to lead a balanced lifestyle by making time for yourself and not just everyone else. More importantly, you will be teaching your children that leading a healthy lifestyle is important, and that Mom or Dad has interests too.

If you make a healthy lifestyle a priority, you will make time for it in your life. If you just keep thinking about what you want but not making the changes necessary to get there, you will never reach your goals. If you want to work out three times a week, prioritize that over other things.

Plan ahead
With priorities comes planning, especially as a parent. Talk to your spouse about how they can help you meet your fitness goals. When can they help you get some uninterrupted time for a workout, or how can you work together to make sure healthy meals are on hand? Sit down on Sunday night and plan your workouts. Get a general idea of what you’ll have for meals and do any meal prep that’s needed.

Incorporate your kids
You’re not the only one who needs to stay healthy. At a time when children are often glued to a screen, you can instill the value of a little nature and play early on. Go to the park and play with your kids. Race them, take a ball, climb, spin, jump, make up games. Just let loose and enjoy your time together. Let your kids help out in the kitchen to save time. Take a cooking class with them. They need these healthy lifestyle skills as much as you do.

How do you stay on track when life gets busy during the school year? Have any of these suggestions worked for you in the past?

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