I have a new addiction, PLANTAIN CHIPS! If you have never had these I strongly recommend you give up the bag of chips and turn to this healthier alternative. A friend of mine who has been eating  Paleo for over a year told me that when she needs something crunchy and veggies wont do, this is what she grabs for. I ordered the INKA brand on Amazon (made with palm oil) Paleo approved! Last night I whipped up my rendition of a Nacho Bowl.

Ground turkey
Green onions
Plantain chips
Cherry tomatoes
Red bellpeppers
Garlic powder
Pinch seasalt
Hot sauce of choice
Goat cheese ( I didn’t use cheese)

Cook turkey on high heat, add onions ,bell peppers, garlic
While meat is cooking , take half avocado and mash with garlic and seasalt
Place plantain chips in bowl or plate, add turkey and veggies, cheese,then top with tomatoes, cilantro and guacamole. Add hot sauce

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