Not All Gluten Free Foods Are Created Equal

As I’ve mentioned before, gluten free does not equal healthy. With a little label reading, however, you can find better options. Here are some things to consider, and some healthier choices. Keep in mind, nothing beats naturally free produce!
First things first
When looking at a gluten free label, check the amount of carbohydrates, as well as fiber and sugar, per serving. By reviewing all 3, you’ll see just how many of those carbohydrates are from sugar and you’ll know if they’re going straight to your bloodstream or if they’ll be slowed down a bit by a healthy dose of fiber. You’ll start to notice that may gluten free packaged foods have no fiber at all.
That little tip will help you find the healthiest gluten free foods, but I also recommend looking at the sodium content, which can also be high in gluten free products.
Here are some healthier gluten free options
Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oats– Some people find that even gluten free oats cause them to feel less than stellar. However, if you’re not one of those people, these make a quick and healthy breakfast option. Add in some almond butter and fruit for extra protein and fiber.

Enjoy Life Crunchy Flax– Cereal isn’t usually the ideal healthy breakfast, but the nutrition profile here is one of the best you’ll find, regular or gluten free. Again, it’s high in fiber and low in sugar. You may want to add an egg to this breakfast for extra protein. This cereal doesn’t have a ton of flavor, but it’s something easy to grab and go, and it’s great with a little added fruit!

Gather Bars– These make a natural sweet treat. The amount of sugar in each type is different, but all of the sugars are from fruit and they are paired with a great amount of fiber. They are low in carbohydrates and high in protein and healthy fats thanks to the mix of nuts and seeds. These are also a great option for vegetarians.

Kind Bars– These aren’t my favorite gluten free snack, but they’re sold in several stores and will do in a pinch. Depending on the flavor, they have around 5g of sugar. The best part is that they do have a good amount of fiber, as well as healthy fats. Remember, we want to avoid a spike in blood sugar. These are also an option for vegetarians.

Artisan/Organic Bistro meals– These meals offer a variety of meats like chicken and salmon with different vegetables and gluten free grains like rice and quinoa. Some are healthier than others, so always read the labels.

Evol Bowls and Meals for 2– These meals also offer a good mix of protein and fiber. They are low in calories and ready in no time. The ingredient lists are also fairly simple considering they’re microwave meals.

Do you have a favorite gluten free product?

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