New Year, New Goals- Set Them Now

A new year is here. The decorations are put away, the holiday parties are over, and life is beginning to look a little more normal again. Now is the time to sit down and set your goals for 2015.


Many people start a new year with hopes of losing weight or getting healthy. They tell themselves this will be the year. There’s just one problem- if there’s no plan of action and no goal or sincere motivation behind these thoughts, they will remain nothing more than thoughts. In order to achieve what you want, you need to set measurable goals.

How do you set measurable nutrition and fitness goals?


If you don’t already workout or eat well, you start from the beginning. Here are a few examples:
I will eat at least five servings of vegetables every day.
I will workout for at least 30 minutes three days a week.
I will walk for 30 minutes every morning before work.
I will drink 64 oz of water per day.

Remember that you don’t have to begin making all of these changes at once. Begin with one, succeed, and then add another. This is especially important for someone beginning a new lifestyle.

What if you’re more advanced? In that case, you may wish to get stronger, more flexible or to lose a specific amount of weight. Here are a few measurable goals to consider adapting:
I will strength train three times per week and I will do cardio two times per week.
I will prepare all of my meals and snacks for the week on Sunday.
I will incorporate high intensity interval training two times per week.

You may set a goal to lose 10lbs, but what is actually going to get you to that goal? Probably setting goals that lead to the 10lb loss, which would be more challenging workouts or a healthier nutrition plan.

What will help you reach these goals?
We often need more than just internal motivation to reach our health and fitness goals. There can be a lot of pressure from society to look a certain way or eat a certain way; and in some cases, these pressures may actually hinder you from reaching your goals. That’s why I recommend joining one of my Challenge Groups.

When you join a Challenge Group, you’ve got a whole team of people, myself included, rooting you on! I will help you set goals, and we will all provide you with accountability and support. You have people to check in with when you’re struggling. Best of all, they will be able to relate to how you’re feeling. They can tell you what has helped them get over a hurdle, and you can return the favor as needed. Joining a Challenge Group is the best way to set measurable and attainable goals, and achieve them.


Have you set your 2015 nutrition and fitness goals yet? What are you waiting for? Use the Challenge Group Application on the left side of the page, so we can work towards your goals together.

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