Healthy Travel Snacks

The holidays are quickly approaching! If you’re like most people, you’ll be spending extra time traveling. Whether you’re hitting the road by car or plane, there’s no reason to give up on the healthy habits you’ve developed. Fueling yourself properly strengthens immunity and increases energy, two things you’ll definitely need to get you through all the celebrating. Here are a few snacks to keep you going strong!
Pack your Shakeology no matter where you go. It can easily be added to liquid, which means it can make it through airport security and be prepared afterwards in the airport or airplane. Shakeology provides an excellent source of high quality plant protein and essential amino acids. Best of all, you have several flavors to choose from.
You may think it’s crazy to grab an avocado and eat it alone, but this super food travels super well! Avocados are packed with protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, as well as fiber to keep you full. Grab some plasticware and get to scooping. Add a little sea salt if it’s available to you.
Baby Vegetables and Guacamole or Hummus
Baby carrots and cherry tomatoes are easy to pack for car trips. You can pair these with the small guacamole and hummus packets that are now available in many stores.
Fruit and Nuts
Apples, pears, bananas and anything you can peel or bite right into is an excellent fruit to travel with. Pair these with plain, unsalted nuts or a nut butter like almond butter. Justin’s offers almond butter packets that are the perfect size for travel. This combination also provides protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber.
Epic Bars
Epic Bars are great if you feel best on a paleo diet. They’re made of high quality meat, fruit and nuts. They’re a healthy option that will hold you over until you can have a meal, but they can also be added to a salad if you want to try and make a meal out of it. A lot of the salads you’ll find in airports contain meats that are full of extra sodium or food additives.
Thunderbird Energetica Bars
Thunderbird Energetica Bars come in a wide variety of flavors. They’re packed with different fruits, nuts, seeds and gluten-free grains like buckwheat groats and quinoa. These bars are great if you need something a little sweet, but don’t want to fall of track.
Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you’re packing a small cooler for the car, you can pack a few hard-boiled eggs and peel them on the road or at a rest stop. They’re a great source of protein that you can easily transport. You could also pack them in small salads if you’d prefer not to stop for lunch.
What are your favorite travel snacks?  I want to hear your ideas!

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