Five Ways to Squeeze More Movement Into Your Day

Today, it’s harder than ever to find the time to exercise. After managing work and family and dealing everything else that pops up unexpectedly, you have very little time left to focus on you and your health. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though! Try using these five tips to include more movement on days you just can’t squeeze in a good sweat session.
1. Take the stairs
If you’re going anywhere with an escalator or elevator, opt for stairs instead. If you work in an office building with stairs, you can try to squeeze in a few extra flights during your lunch break before sitting down to eat. A little effort can go a long way!
2. Park farther away
Do you automatically choose the closest parking spot? Stop! Give yourself some extra time and park a little farther if the weather allows and you won’t have a lot to carry when returning to your car. You can use this tip at work, on the weekends, or any other time you just need to move a little more.
3. Multitask
Do you have a favorite television show? Make a point to pick a TV show that is 30 minutes to 1 hour long each night. You can work a different body part for each show. Write down a list of leg exercises for one night, arm exercises for another, etc. You can do jumping jacks or march in place. Take breaks with the commercials, or use the commercials to exercise if you’re watching a longer program. You get to indulge in a little TV time and still take care of yourself- the best of both worlds! You can also listen to audio books while you exercise.

4. Cook
I know what you’re thinking. How does cooking count as movement or exercise? If you’ve ever made a meal from scratch, you know it’s hard work. Washing, cutting, stirring…it all takes some serious strength! Skip the mixes and pre-made foods and get in the kitchen! This will help you stay on track as you make new lifestyle changes. Learning to incorporate lasting changes is part of the process.

5. Wake up 10 minutes early
Incorporating just 10 minutes of high intensity interval training on a busy day can make a huge impact. Try a Beachbody workout in the time you have available, or create your own routine. If you’re struggling to wake up 10 minutes early, go to bed 10 minutes earlier. Remember that sleep is an important part of weight loss and overall health. You shouldn’t wake up exhausted each day.

What do you think about these five tips? Do you think you could incorporate some of them into your busy days? Do you have any other tricks to help you stay on track?

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