Eat Seasonal, Improve Your Health and Save!

If you’re working towards a new and healthier lifestyle, chances are you’ve heard that eating seasonally will benefit your health. What does eating seasonally mean exactly?

Eating seasonally means eating what is in season. For example, you may find the local organic grocery store or farmer’s market full of apples in the fall and full of strawberries in the summer. Seasonal foods are different around the world, but there are several benefits to eating what’s in season in your area.
When you eat what’s in season around you, you can usually guarantee that you’re getting the freshest food available to you. That means it was picked on time, not too early. Local foods that are in season are moved from farm to store much faster than those from other states or countries. They’re less likely to be damaged during travel as well- more good news for you!
Use Sustainable Table’s Seasonal Food Guide to find out what’s in season around you.
Another benefit to eating seasonally is variety. Every fruit and vegetable contains a different variety of vitamins and minerals. Don’t let yourself get stuck having the same spinach salad every day. You’ll be missing out on some incredible health benefits! Try winter squash in season. You’ll notice that these squash have to be cooked and are best warm. The same goes for other fall and winter foods like parsnips, brussels sprouts and beets. These foods can help warm you up in the fall and winter while providing tons of nutrition. In the summer, lighter foods like berries and cucumbers provide a lot of water and help cool you down. Isn’t it fascinating that our body can work in harmony with the world around us?
As seasons change, notice how your cravings change. Keep a food journal and pay attention to what foods make you feel best throughout the year.
Another benefit to eating seasonally is saving money. You may find that beginning a new lifestyle costs money initially, but this is one area you can certainly save. Seasonal produce is abundant, so pricing is determined by supply and demand. Use the Seasonal Food Guide link above to search for what’s in season around you and then plan your meals around that. When a new season begins, start with a new list. This is a wonderful way to incorporate healthy meals at a lower cost. And remember, as the seasons change and your meals change, you’ll be taking full advantage of a variety of vitamins and minerals.
Find a local food co-op to join using this co-op directory listing. Co-ops support local agriculture and you can bet you’ll be getting some fresh produce!
Do you eat seasonally now? If so, what’s your favorite seasonal dish? If not, do you think you’ll start now that you know more about the benefits?

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