Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

Now that we’ve reviewed anti-inflammatory foods, let’s take a look at some recipes that incorporate these foods. You can easily add these into rotation to keep fighting inflammation.

Easy Veggie Lentils


These make a great side dish, but you can also enjoy them over a salad.

2 C red lentils, cooked
3 C fresh spinach, packed
1/2 small sweet onion
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 Tbsp coconut oil

Add coconut oil to pan
Add minced garlic and onion
Stir until onions are translucent
Add spinach and lentils
Saute until spinach is slightly wilted

Serve over salad with chicken breast, add to quinoa for a vegetarian dish, or enjoy as a side dish.

Anti-Inflammatory Omelette
This is a great breakfast scramble that’s easy to prepare and packs plenty of nutrients.



3 eggs
1/4 C leeks, sliced
1 C baby bok choy, sliced
2 green onions, chopped
1/2 small avocado
coconut oil or butter as needed

Add coconut oil or butter to pan
Saute all veggies in pan
Add eggs and let firm
Fold over to make an omelette
Slice avocado and place on top of omelette

Need some other great ways to incorporate other anti-inflammatory foods? Try these:

Buy fresh berries and wash them immediately. Store in 1/2 C servings to have throughout the week.
Roast sweet potatoes before your week begins so you can pull them out and heat up as needed.
Portion out a handful of plan mixed nuts for a snack each day.
Add onions, garlic, turmeric and other herbs and spices to flavor your foods, rather than using additional salt and condiments.

How do you incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into your diet?

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Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids: Snacks and meals to make it through the school year

With the start of school right around the corner, it’s time to start planning for a healthy school year. How can you support your health goals, while also teaching the value of healthy living to your children? Why not start with a healthy snack drawer and healthy lunch choices.


Kids often need a snack after school before they dive right into homework before dinner. Create a tub or drawer just for them, with approved after school snacks. You want foods that will help them concentrate and provide just enough energy to take them to dinner. Here are a few choices.

  • Nut mix- unsalted nuts provide healthy fats, which are true brain food! Portion out a handful of nuts as a snack. If they really want something sweet, mix in some dark chocolate chunks, but not too many.
  • Sliced apples and almond butter
  • Veggies and hummus- portion out a mixture of baby carrots and cucumbers with hummus.
  • Turkey wraps- take 2-3 organic turkey slices and add some avocado or greens in the middle, then roll them up.
  • Muffin- muffins made with coconut flour and/or almond flour are full of fiber, protein and healthy fats. Make them at the beginning of the week. You can freeze extras.
School lunches can be a real problem for some kids, especially picky eaters. Create a list for them at the beginning of the week with things they can choose from. Here are some examples:
Protein: chicken, bison, turkey, hard-boiled eggs, veggie burger, quinoa, lentils
Vegetables: baby carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, celery, sweet potatoes/sweet potato fries, squash, bell peppers
Fruit: apple slices, blueberries, strawberries, banana, dates, pineapple, cantaloupe
Healthy fat: avocado, almond butter, macadamia nuts, hummus
You can allow children to pick one protein, two vegetables, one fruit and one healthy fat. Alternatively, you could select 2-3 meals and let them pick what they want each day so that you can make them earlier on in the week and portion out as needed.
The best part about the snack drawer and menu planner is that your children still have choices. They get the chance to pick something healthy for themselves. Incorporating these things early on will help them down the road. And of course, planning ahead by having healthy options ready means that you can share the same meals and snacks if you choose. It makes things easier on everyone.
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Prioritizing Time for Your Own Health

Summer is quickly coming to a close and if you have children, you’re probably getting back to the hustle and bustle that comes with school shopping, activities and more. You may find the time you had to focus on fitness over the summer to be dwindling. Don’t let that stop you from leading the lifestyle you want. With some planning, you can stay on track.


Don’t feel guilty
You were a human before you were Mom or Dad, and you have needs too. You will be a happier and more effective parent if you decide to lead a balanced lifestyle by making time for yourself and not just everyone else. More importantly, you will be teaching your children that leading a healthy lifestyle is important, and that Mom or Dad has interests too.

If you make a healthy lifestyle a priority, you will make time for it in your life. If you just keep thinking about what you want but not making the changes necessary to get there, you will never reach your goals. If you want to work out three times a week, prioritize that over other things.

Plan ahead
With priorities comes planning, especially as a parent. Talk to your spouse about how they can help you meet your fitness goals. When can they help you get some uninterrupted time for a workout, or how can you work together to make sure healthy meals are on hand? Sit down on Sunday night and plan your workouts. Get a general idea of what you’ll have for meals and do any meal prep that’s needed.

Incorporate your kids
You’re not the only one who needs to stay healthy. At a time when children are often glued to a screen, you can instill the value of a little nature and play early on. Go to the park and play with your kids. Race them, take a ball, climb, spin, jump, make up games. Just let loose and enjoy your time together. Let your kids help out in the kitchen to save time. Take a cooking class with them. They need these healthy lifestyle skills as much as you do.

How do you stay on track when life gets busy during the school year? Have any of these suggestions worked for you in the past?

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